09 Feb 2011

Most Americans Think Obama Will Lose in 2012

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A new CNN Poll that Obama’s slightly improving poll numbers do not necessarily translate into electoral support.

More than half of registered voters believe President Obama will lose a bid for a second term, even as more Americans say they approve of his job performance than at any time in more than a year.

A new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, released Tuesday, shows 51 percent of registered voters, and the same percentage of adult Americans, believe Obama will lose if he runs for re-election. 46 percent say he would win.

And more voters say, at the moment, they will vote against Obama. Fully 51 percent say they definitely or probably will not vote for Obama, while 47 percent say they’re predisposed to vote for him. Independent voters would vote against Obama by a 44 percent to 53 percent margin, while he would win moderates by a much larger 55 percent to 45 percent margin.

The numbers come in the same poll that showed Obama gaining from a big positive bump. The sample of all adults approve of the job Obama is doing by a 55 percent to 44 percent margin, the highest Obama’s approval rating has gone since a poll conducted November 13-15, 2009.

I think Obama’s position would look completely hopeless, if we had an obvious strong candidate waiting in the wings to oppose him. The closest figure we have to that is Sarah Palin, who does have real star power, but who also provokes disadvantageous class antagonism, and who has given in the past much cause for concern by a propensity toward gaffes and failures to provide articulate responses. The current supposed GOP front runners, Romney and Pawlenty, are both losers of previous nomination campaigns. What has changed to make either more attractive to the Republican base? Nothing that I can see. Newt Gingrich is apparently running. And Gingrich has taken a sufficient number of unsavory and opportunistic positions that he has certainly lost credibility with serious conservatives. John J. Miller and Rich Lowry recently floated Jeb Bush trial balloons. The problem is that electing Bushes has not really worked out very well for Republicans in the past. I don’t think many of us are eager to have another representative of the Bush dynasty in the White House. The Republican Party is in great shape on Vice Presidential candidates, but Sarah Palin is extremely iffy and there is no obvious other choice for the top of the ticket. Yet.

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There is an obvious strong candidate. His name is Jeb, and if his last name were Smith, he’d be locked in.

Gary Mantell

I believe that Donald Trump could actually beat up on Obama before and on Election Day if he does run for the Office.

And I also feel that Romney could win if he gets the Nomination, as he will put the accent on his successful business experience and the economy, as would Mr. Trump.

Gingrich is a polarizing figure even today and I don’t see him winning unless the present malaise in America further erodes confidence in Barack Obama, which may happen — so it will be a very interesting and close Election, as many Democratic states will still go with Obama barring a total catastrophic mistake, if he hasn’t qualified for that one already with his total ineptitude regarding the Mideast, China, and his misdirected goal for a green economy while we fail to recoup our job losses.



I am terrified that the “bestest prezdunt we is evah had” will be relected in 2012. Why you ax? Because way too much of the USA is now peoples what dont speak no English and hates white peoples.

Gingrich would be a bitter pill. Romney in a pinch, Trump is a preference. Just get the community activist out of the White House, he was never qualified to be there in the first place. ANYONE except Obama.. please.

Thomas Quaranto

I have a different take on Obama. We should thank our lucky stars he got elected. Without him we were slowly
being pulled into a socialist state. Like the
frog in the pot of water that is slowly being heated more and more till he is cooked. The shock of Obama being elected and his disasterious programs have jolted a lot of people awake. People are now looking at the constitution and seeing that their rights are being taken away. This reality showed itself in the last election which was part one of two.
In 2012 part two will take place. We must always make allowances for those
who through no fault of their own need
assistance. We also however must not spend more then we have or reward those
who want to take advantage of the generosity of Americans. When Obama is
defeated in 2012 we must get back to
fiscal responsiblity and respect for our constitutional liberty. We must also help those truly in need or the Deamoncrates will scream about uncaring Republicans and wind up in office again. We must adopt a policy of Freedom, Responsibility and Compassion.


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