08 Mar 2011

Green Impacts Everywhere


And they are all bad.

Low flush toilets mandated by building codes are costing San Francisco $114 million due to backed up waste in sewer lines, and the city will be using 8.5 million pounds of bleach to break up the clogs. All that bleach will ultimately wind up going into the Bay.


The British are finding that mineral oils from printing inks are leaking into food from recycled packaging.


LA community colleges wasted $10 million on flawed designs for green power, then went ahead with plans to spend $44 million on solar projects resulting in minimal savings on power bills.


People in Falmouth, Massachusetts say the noise from a wind turbine makes it impossible to sleep.


Consumers are complaining that federal regulations are causing detergents and clothes washers to fail to do their jobs. The feds made the soap companies take the phosphates out of detergents, and manufacturers are currently being paid a $250 tax credit per unit to build washing machines featuring inferior performance.

One Feedback on "Green Impacts Everywhere"

T. Shaw

Nothing to see here. Green boondoggles helpled bankrupt Spain.

They are not stupid. The powers that be are ideologues. They are dismantling the evil, unjust private sector, while shoving $$$ trillions into their own pockets.


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