29 Mar 2011

Obama’s Libya Speech

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Obama pretty much wrapped himself in the flag. He stood in front of at least six of them.

You can find the text of Obama’s Libya speech from last night here, or watch the 26:36 video.

Ace had a few choice rejoinders.

“We Took A Series of Swift Steps:” Oh, you mean after you dithered around with the same basic facts for three weeks.

You mean after all that delay, you finally made a decision, and then the military acted swiftly.

“I Refused to Let That Happen:” Ah, okay, just as long as I know who the hero is here.

By the way, he’s super-proud that he waited until the last possible moment to save Benghazi (but none of the towns and cities along the decimated way to Benghazi). Apparently those other towns he let be demolished as he dithered didn’t count.

Only the dramatic, last-second decision to spare Benghazi specifically should matter.

Hilarious: He says that he’s all about getting other countries to bear the burdens. He says, to that end, that he’s transferred command to NATO.

Um, so, if I’m getting this right, our pilots and seamen are still fighting this war, they’re just being bossed around by a foreign general, right?

And that general isn’t actually in the fight, right?

Seems to me that all Obama is doing is distancing himself from any possible failure while keeping our troops in harm’s way.


AndyLevy summed up Obama’s rhetorical style:
If the straw men ever unionize, Obama’s gonna be in trouble.

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This is not new. Go back to any speech that Obama has given and count up the number of times “I” or “me” is used.


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