30 Mar 2011

An Unwise Message to Dictators


Dictator Longevity Chart

Hat tip to The Cold Equations via John Derbyshire via Ace

Michael Oren, yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, makes the same point.

America and its allies, empowered by the United Nations and the Arab League, are interceding militarily in Libya. But would that action have been delayed or even precluded if Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi had access to nuclear weapons? No doubt Gadhafi is asking himself that same question.

Barack the Unready’s intervention against the un-nuclear-developing Qaddafi contrasts so strongly with the immunity from external threats of regime change enjoyed by the nuclear-developing or equipped even more loathsome tyrannies in Teheran and Pyongyang that the president has undoubtedly sent a very loud and very clear message to dictators everywhere: Get yourselves some nukes and you’re safe from us! Without nukes, we might just intervene.

One Feedback on "An Unwise Message to Dictators"


you know what else doesn’t suck about being Kim Il-Jong? You make a lot of money selling weapons programs to other dictators.


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