21 Apr 2011

So, What Would Be Fair?

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Philip Klein wants to know, If rich aren’t paying their “fair share,” then what’s fair?

The question is, though, if a society in which the top 1 percent already pay nearly 40 percent of the nation’s income taxes (and when combined, the top 10 percent pay nearly 70 percent), then what would it take for liberals to be satisfied that the rich are paying their fair share? Should the top 10 percent pay 90 percent of the taxes? Should the bottom 50 percent pay zero income taxes? President Obama’s vision to subsidize the ballooning social safety net by shifting even more of the tax burden on the wealthy – while increasing the percentage of people who are net takers in society – is simply unsustainable.

One Feedback on "So, What Would Be Fair?"


I must have asked this question of at least 50 people who express “tax The Rich” sentiments. If paying 40% of taxes is not enough, what’s the right number? I’ve never gotten an answer. Not once. That’s because once the conversation turns from rhetoric to reality, the absurdity of it all becomes so obvious even liberals get flustered. So come on, guys. what is it? 50%? 60%? Oh, and BTW, if you do say 50 or 60%, run the numbers and see what kind of tax rates you would have to impose on The Rich to make that happen.


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