14 Jul 2011

Obama Blows His Cool

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Politico quotes Rep. Eric Cantor (R- VA) on the presidential temper tantrum that concluded the latest round of budget negotiations between the White House and Republicans.

Cantor said the two sides were too far apart to get a deal that could pass the House by the Treasury Department’s Aug. 2 deadline — and that he would consider moving a short-term debt-limit increase alongside smaller spending cuts — Obama began to lecture him.

“Eric, don’t call my bluff,” the president said, warning Cantor that he would take his case “to the American people.” He told Cantor that no other president — not Ronald Reagan, the president said — would sit through such negotiations.

Democratic sources dispute Cantor’s version of Obama’s walk out, but all sides agree that the two had a blow up. The sources described Obama as “impassioned” but said he didn’t exactly storm out of the room.


Reuters adds a hilarious quotation from Mr. Obama.

U.S. President Barack Obama told Republicans at the conclusion of a stormy budget meeting on Wednesday that he would not yield further even if it puts his presidency at risk, a Republican aide said.

“I have reached the point where I say enough,” Obama said, according to the aide. “Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here? I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.”


Bringing to mind a skit broadcast a few months back by Jay Leno:

One Feedback on "Obama Blows His Cool"


Eric Cantor MUST call his bluff. The President SHOULD take his case to the people. He doesn’t like that because Gallup has already told him that only 22% of the public wants the debt ceiling raised.
See, it’s sort of like Obamacare. You have to pass it first to find out what will actually happen and then you’ll like it better and better as time goes on.


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