24 Jul 2011

“Keep Your Change”

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Not the greatest Country Western song of all-time, but its heart is in the right place.

I’m afraid that I think he is way, way “too young to remember when you could keep most of what you earned.” I’m too young to remember that myself, and I’m so much older than he is that it isn’t funny. But I did enjoy the “I’ll take my guns/My home on the range/I’ll take my Bible/You keep your change” bit. It brought to mind images of liberal friends turning purple.

Via Theo.

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No Man

No man has a liberal friend.

I prefer Billy Joe Shaver: “If you don’t love Jesus go to hell.”

Dean Kenstavicius

I prefer Billy Joe Shaver: “If you don’t love Jesus go to hell.”

umm, the big J. was political figure who spoke Hebrew. Hell isn’t real because it was introduced only since the King James version, borrowed from old German, “halja”. Jesus said, “Gehenna”, which was a garbage/landfill site on the edge Jerusalem where criminals where burned along with anything else needing burning. It’s the information age baby, gotta catch up on the facts.

No Man

Did Billy Joe speak Hebrew? I didn’t know he was dead.

If you were referring to Jesus Christ, He spoke Aramaic.

Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty. If you think Jesus is a political figure go to Gehenna (which BTW is where they sacrificed infants to in a heated metal idol appeasing the god, Moloch, for good crops – just like today’s abortions sacrificing the unborn for selfish motives).

You, baby, are too smart by at least a half.

Dean Kenstavicius

“Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God”

No, as everyone is aware, the word Scapegoating comes to us from that time, whereby the village would pile their “sins” on the goat, then drive that goat to the outskirts of town to perish.

This should sound strikingly familiar. The ritual was already familiar to the locals, so the followers of Jesus explained away his execution in this manner so they would possibly accept this.

After 2000 years, some folks still buy into it.


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