10 Aug 2011

Stick a Fork in Obama, He’s Done

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Claire Berlinski reflects on how it must really, really suck to be Barack Obama right now.

What on earth must it feel like to wake up and see headlines like this:

Dashed Hopes: How Obama Disappointed the World

[Emphasis added] I reckon the President right now has the singular distinction of having disappointed more people than any man in history–this just by virtue of global population.

I doubt that Obama’s internal world resembles mine all that much, but when I imagine headlines around the globe to the effect of “Dashed Hopes: How Claire Berlinski Disappointed the World,” and imagine realizing that I am not dreaming, I imagine that I would feel quite murderously angry toward the world.

One Feedback on "Stick a Fork in Obama, He’s Done"


Failure is like that.


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