24 Aug 2011

On Climate Science


Yesterday, one of my liberal Yale classmates responded to my anti-Warmism posting by complaining that I was guilty of believing in a conspiracy of climate scientists.

I responded:

If there is no imminent catastrophe, “climate science” is a very minor and insignificant branch of geology populated by ill-paid, failed chemists and people unable to do physics. If the very existence of life on this planet as we know it is at stake, and vast new accretions of governmental power and revenue are required, climate scientists are cooler than ****, and you can just back up the truck full of money to
the loading dock at the climate science research center. Gosh, I wonder what position most climate scientists are likely to prefer?

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Piffle. Scientists are no more likely to be influenced by income earning opportunities than businessmen are by income taxes.


I agree SDD, but pseudo scientists who can’t do physics, need a greenback stream.


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