13 Oct 2011

“People Can Say Whatever They Want”

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That’s what this Occupy Wall Street protestor learned in college, and he says that you should pay his tuition for him… just because that’s what he wants.

Besides, he knows that billionaires are getting a lot of money, just out of greed, and he’s learned on-line that “they pay twenty five cents in taxes for every dollar we’re taxed.” Except this young man undoubtedly doesn’t pay income taxes. But what does that matter, you can say whatever you want, he has his couple of sound bites and he wants free tuition.

Hat tip to Bird Dog.

One Feedback on "“People Can Say Whatever They Want”"


Why would anyone want to pay this guy’s tuition? He is so addled that nobody would ever hire him. Thank goodness all 99% of the population isn’t this clueless.


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