28 Nov 2011

Bachmann Wants 11 Million People Deported… In Steps

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The Hill says Michele Bachmann was trying to distinguish her candidacy from Newt Gingrich’s by offering this proposal.

She did. I’d say that she proved something very important about herself and her candidacy by advocating a policy so economically disastrous, so historically philistine, so morally repugnant, and so practically impossible.

Even in times of political adversity, even in times of defeat, it is usually agreeable to be conservative and Republican, because we have the better arguments on our side. We know that we are right. Our opponents are fools and knaves, who enjoy whatever successes they achieve by placing themselves on the side of entropy, on the side of water flowing downhill, who appeal to selfishness, self-entitlement, to group and class prejudices, to all the worst aspects of Human Nature.

Illegal Immigration as a political issue has successfully turned American politics on its head, making some Republicans and some conservatives on that particular issue into dangerous crazies, every bit as intellectually derisory, every bit as deluded, every bit as self-entitled as liberals.

What kind of person can endorse the rounding up, the arrest, the forcible transportation, and the involuntary exile of millions upon millions of men, women, and children? I’d say someone willing to contemplate violence and coercion on such a scale as an exercise in pure regulatory enforcement would be a moral monster.

Nativist conservatives attempt to justify their extravagant levels of outrage over illegal immigration and their embrace of fantasies of force and violence on an immense scale in two ways. They try pointing to the relatively modest real association between actual crime and illegal immigrants, and since the reality is not adequate to their purposes they then systematically confuse violent crimes associated with illegal drug importation and trafficking with illegal immigration. They also appeal to the rule of law and demand that our laws be enforced.

It is true that any unskilled laboring community originating from a poorer and more primitive foreign society is always going to include some real percentage of petty criminals, undesirables, and political agitators, and its ordinary members are, more frequently than the native born, going to litter, get drunk, and stand around outside playing salsa music. But it is perfectly obvious that the overwhelming majority of today’s wave of immigration, just as in the 1900s and 1850s, has come here to do work that needs to be done which native born Americans are typically unwilling to do.

Conservatives are right that it is important to maintain the rule of law, but when you find that decades go by and the law isn’t really being enforced, it is time to recognize that we are dealing with a case of laws which Americans demonstrably do not desire to be enforced.

America is culturally at root a Northern European, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon, and outside certain exotic indigenous subcultures, a decidedly law-abiding society. A lot of Americans don’t lock their doors when they go out even today. In a lot of parts of this country, if you drop your wallet on the street, someone will try to return it.

We do have a cultural problem, though, with laws produced by special interests and by ideologues and with laws expressive of our dreams and fantasies and wishful thinking, which get passed without proper thought for the consequences or intellectual scrutiny. Current immigration laws have no real relationship to our important principles, identity, or ideals, and even less to our national economic needs and requirements. They came about by compromises, by accretion, and by ideological politics. There was no grand national debate in which Americans as a whole thought the matter over, debated alternatives, and finally took a democratically arrived at position. Like Topsy, our current regulations just grew.

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t. shaw

BTW: Ronaldus Magnus passed a comprehensive immigration reform in 1986. It regularized 1,500,000 illegals. Twenty-five years later, you want to regularize almost eight times Reagan,s FNG’s. And, complete the bankrupting of thousands of local governments.


“Conservatives are right that it is important to maintain the rule of law, but when you find that decades go by and the law isn’t really being enforced, it is time to recognize that we are dealing with a case of laws which Americans demonstrably do not desire to be enforced.”

I would suggest that a very large number of Americans DO want the laws enforced, and are angry and frustrated that the politicians won’t see to it that they are. For decades the laws weren’t enforced properly and I suppose that most people didn’t care all that much, but when we started seeing illegals (and their supporters) marching in the streets demanding an easy way to citizenship and legality and throwing their illegal presence in our faces and telling us that we were racists for objecting, well then the whole issue changed.

Ingratitude, I guess, doesn’t sit too well.


Yes deport. Would we let 11 million rapist get away with it because it’s too much trouble? How about 11 million murderers? If enough people break the law then we don’t enforce the law!!! If we really became serious then most illegals would deport themselves. Lets start by taking back what they took from us. If they used our welfare, schools, hospitals, etc. then they owe us. If they have assets then seize them. If they used fake ID then prosecute them. If they are caught in the country illegally then ban them from entering again for life.

t. shaw

Put a bounty on liberals – say, $10 an ear.


Moral monster? To deport all those illegals? Eleven million illegals (democrats)! Man do you think illegals give a crap about the constitution, American institutions (except welfare), do they care that they are bankrupting hospitals, schools and refuse to learn English. They think we are chumps. You lost me with this.

Crate Kicker

Not sure I follow you on this one.

Consider what will happen when there are no more hand outs.

Have you ever heard of Reconquista?
I lived in Arizona for 10+ years. I knew several Hispanics, and this is what they discussed at times and how the unplugged flood would soon allow them to “take back” what was once theirs.

Lastly, I worked in a company that had in their employ a Hispanic couple. They had deep roots in Mexico, but they had been anchor babies in their time. They still viewed Mexico as their home, that they where here to restore lost land. Between them, they brought in $45k a year, both drove their own Escalades with all the trim. They already had two children when they started working for the company. She became pregnant with a third. After the child was born and she returned to work, one of the older women who was a second generation American (parents legally emigrated from Mexico in the 30’s, her father was proud of that act) and this young woman got into a fight one afternoon.
The reason was that the woman had the baby under welfare. She had a Mexican ID and had played the welfare system.
That she still played the system with all the children on state supported healthcare and food stamps.
My tax dollars payed for this.
She had the gall to brag about this in Mexican Spanish to the older woman.
The older woman later confided she knew of many of the younger generation that play the system using similar ways.

You may not post this, and I don’t really care. You blogged your thoughts, and I wanted you to understand that there are a great number of these people who view themselves as a silent occupying force and their tools are economic tools. Replace the workforce and drain the system until a time when they can act.
Learn the language and walk among them when they think your just a “greengo” too drunk on Americana to hear and understand what they are saying.

If we cannot deport them, then what do we do with them?


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