05 Dec 2011

Newt’s First Campaign Ad

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It starts running today in Iowa.

2 Feedbacks on "Newt’s First Campaign Ad"


Deja Vu. This is the contrast that Ronald Reagan offered to Jimmy Carter’s “malaise”. Followed by Contract for America specifics this will be devastating to a president whose major economic accomplishments are drastically increasing debt and a health care plan the majority of Americans want repealed. Yes, he will have a billion dollars to spend in the campaign, but on what? That Newt or Mitt are less trustworthy than Obama has been?

D. Gatch

I wouldn’t trust Newt no further than I could throw him. The main stream media is doing its best to avoid the best men for the job, so far all the flavor of the week candidates are either Rino’s or deeply flawed and all have failed to deliver. Ron Paul seems to be the only “real” one in the bunch.


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