11 Dec 2011

Key Moment of Last Night’s Debate

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Ron Paul admits Gingrich told the truth but argues for timidity. Romney agrees and names-drops the Israeli PM to buttress his personal authority. Gingrich sticks by his guns, notes that Ronald Reagan provoked important changes in the world by defying similar demands for more diplomatic statements and declares that he’s a Reaganite. Gingrich wins.

One Feedback on "Key Moment of Last Night’s Debate"


Newt is right that somebody needs to tell the plain truth, but much of the American electorate can’t handle the truth. They would prefer to be told that Hamas just wants a piece of land (doesn’t everyone?). They would prefer to be told that it is possible to have half the population support the other half. They would prefer to be told that wind energy is a viable energy source. They would prefer to be told that if The Rich simply paid more income taxes, half of them can go on pay none. They would prefer to be told that they should earn what is “fair” rather than what their labor is actually worth in the marketplace. They would prefer to kick the proverbial can down the road.

Which is why Newt’s posture will be a lot less successful in a general election than in the nomination process. It feels good to know you are right, but it’s critically important that we are able to replace the current President.


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