16 Dec 2011

Don’t Say Republican House Representatives Never Did Anything For You

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They saved your right to continue to use Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulbs if you so choose. We won’t all have to sit in our living rooms bathed in the Orwellian florescent glare of the over-priced alternative bulbs favored by devotees of the modern cult of Gaia.

The Politico reports.

The shutdown-averting budget bill will block federal light bulb efficiency standards, giving a win to House Republicans fighting the so-called ban on incandescent light bulbs.

GOP and Democratic sources tell POLITICO the final omnibus bill includes a rider defunding the Energy Department’s standards for traditional incandescent light bulbs to be 30 percent more energy efficient.

DOE’s light bulb rules — authorized under a 2007 energy law authored signed by President George W. Bush — would start going into effect Jan. 1. The rider will prevent DOE from implementing the rules through Sept. 30.

But Democrats said they could claim a “compromise” by adding language to the omnibus that requires DOE grant recipients greater than $1 million to certify they will upgrade the efficiency of their facilities by replacing any lighting to meet or exceed the 2007 energy law’s standards.

Fueled by conservative talk radio, Republicans made the last-ditch attempt to stop federal regulations from making their way into every Americans’ living room.

“There are just some issues that just grab the public’s attention. This is one of them,” said Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.). “It’s going to be dealt with in this legislation once and for all.”

Our self-appointed lords and masters on the left were not pleased.

White House… communications director Dan Pfeiffer [was] saying Wednesday that the House GOP plan would “undercut environmental protections.”

On Twitter, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) wrote: “I strongly oppose that language. I hope it’s deleted from any final bill that we pass.”

“This is just another poke in the eye,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.).

3 Feedbacks on "Don’t Say Republican House Representatives Never Did Anything For You"

Lazarus Long

But hasn’t all US production of incandescents ceased?


It is too bad that the public approaches this on an ad hoc basis — reacting only when government impositions seem truly outrageous. Our economy can tolerate banning incandescent bulbs. The things that are TRULY damaging us are hidden from the public in the form of ten of thousands of “environmental” regulations that strangle businesses and add enormous costs to goods and services. You don’t get a choice in these decisions either.


CFL’s were suppose to save me money. I bought them and they are burning out faster than advertised. I now have an ample supply of incandescent bulbs to replace the CFL’s as they continue to die. It’s cost me money and that’s my bottom line.


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