12 Jan 2012

Comment on Today’s Major News Item

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An’ if sometimes our conduck isn’t all your fancy paints,
Why, single men in barricks don’t grow into plaster saints.



At Breitbart, Robert K. Wilcox speaks for most Americans.

Pile them up, let them rot, piss on them.

Though, he might have added: Piss also on the mainstream media that deliberately broke this trivial story to get the holier-than-thous on the warpath and to lend aid and comfort to all the enemies of the US military and the United States. And piss copiously on all the left-wing nincompoops, pillow-biters, and bed-wetters, Charles Johnson in particular, who are trying to make political hay at the expense of the young men in Afghanistan standing between their worthless selves and a brutal, fanatical and barbarous enemy.

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No Man

If you have a problem with pissing on the enemy, you are the enemy.

No Man

The only good taliban I ever saw was dead.


What a bunch of sad fucking children you right wingers are.

No Man

This trivia is vital to distract people from the tragic disappearance of 1,000,000 poor, disenfranchised workers under the gangster regime.

Killing Iranian scientists is not terrorism. Assassinations by unmanned aerial weapons are not murders. Now, you freaking liberal scumbags can STFU about war trials for Bush the terrorist.

They come out and fight like men; they stop murdering us with the EAD’s; and we will stop pissing on them.

Cinesimon: We have met the enemy and they are you.


David Iams

Desecrating your enemy dead is never forgivable. Perhaps they believed in what they did as mjuch as you believe in what you do. The Marines saw much, suffered much. Still, a civilized society does not do this.


Since Abu Ghraib was the fault of President Bush and Don Rumsfeld, surely this must be the fault of Barack Obama and Leon Panetta. I’ve heard the media screaming about that. Haven’t I?

t. shaw

SSD: Here is my favorite. Google “Bush war crimes.” Cut and paste to a blog comments space. Replace every Bush with Obama. Hit “submit.”


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