11 Apr 2012

Mitt Romney: Memories to Last a Lifetime

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In attempting to create an attack ad, the Obama campaign has inadvertently produced an ad that the Romney campaign ought to be broadcasting all over America.

Works for me.

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Sure if the Republicans want to turn a 20 point gender gap with women into a 30 point gender gap

Just keep chasing the women away, we’ll be happy to take them


Wow. Democrats still think “killing Obamacare” is an unpopular position.


I have heard Mitt say that government should do less, there are religious and charitable institutions that will rise to help those in need. This is the way it should be. People should work. When they really can’t work, we should take care of our own. And help them become self sufficient. Willingly, not with increased taxes, which is not our choice– either of how much, or of where they will go. There are people who want to help their brothers in need. And they will, when they see that they are needed. Have you ever seen how much Mitt Romney donates to charitable contributions?
Have you seen how hard he has lobbied for rights of people under the constitution? People say that because he strongly supports traditional marriage, that he is anti-gay. This is absolutely untrue. Look at his record in Massachusetts.
Mitt wants traditional values, but undeniably respects the rights of individuals. Have you heard that before, say, in the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America?!
Videos like this ignore the truth, that Mitt IS severely conservative in his views and that has not and will not change (no flip-flopping). But he is a realist, and he knows the political field. He will work within the given parameters to reduce government and restore people’s right to tell their elected state leaders what is important to them. Once we are more balanced in our finances as a federal government, we can be stable to deal with other issues.
Mitt’s experience reviving flailing companies at Bain Financial is EXACTLY what we need in our country. He respects the rights of individual states and people, so wants federal government to work to be stable and help support those rights.


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