13 May 2012

Whit Stillman on Masculine Attire

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The L interview:

I’ve never worn sneakers or sweatshirts in my life. And I wore blue jeans—pretty much the same pair of blue jeans—every day, throughout college. And I decided the moment I graduated from college that I would never wear blue jeans again. And I have never worn blue jeans again.

Unlike Whit Stillman, I have worn sneakers and sweatshirts: exclusively while working out in health clubs, never on the street or at home. I think I was just very slightly older than him when I too came to the conclusion that there was no place in adult life for blue jeans and switched permanently to khaki slacks for informal wear.

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I think that makes sense for a lawyer or stock broker, etc. I worked as a professional and the day I retired at 56 I gave away my suits and threw away my ties. I wear jeans, a sweatshirt, or t-shirt, boots or hiking shoes every day. I work everyday and hike or walk 4-10 miles everyday. I do not hangout in bars or the hottest restuarants. I dress comfortably and appropriately for my lifestyle. And THAT makes even more sense.


I like the classic fashion of masculinity. Gets a nice nod in this great book The Art of Manliness. It’s a riot, check it out.

Maggie's Farm

Tuesday morning links…

Are jeans suitable male attire? A high-fat breakfast of bacon and eggs may be the healthiest start to the day, report shows Plus home fries and white toast, and an (alternate day) side of pancakes or grits ‘n gravy Trash hoarder Obesity a ‘derog…


Thank the Gods I don’t pay any attention to the opinions of the “stylish” set. I’m a 55-year old industrial tech/high-purity water specialist whose favorite garb is blue jeans and whatever short-, long- or no-sleeved t-shirt is handy. Steel-toed boots or hikers for normal wear, cowboy boots, button down black shirt, black jeans and bolo tie for dress. Not much into cocktail parties, I’d rather ride my motorcycle, but on the occasions I take my 80 year old Mom to the opera(3 – 4 times a year), she hasn’t raised a complaint yet… A firm believer in “as it pleases me” dress code. To suggest that “there’s no place in adult life” for my style of dress suggests a narrowness of mind that, I’m happy to say, I’m not afflicted with.


I doubt Whit Stillman has ever changed the oil in car, cut his own grass, split firewood, hunted, shot in a competition, etc…

The proper masculine attire for walking around New York City and directing films is hardly universal.


Bravo and well said, Drake!


It also depends on what part of the country you’re in. Out west here, jeans are the most common attire, even for old guys. My problem is that I am a golfer (a moderately good one in fact) and like to wear jeans on the golf course when it is too chilly for shorts. The country clubs don’t like that, but it is their course so it’s their rules. But it irks me when public courses pick that up thinking it will make them more classy. What other business, looking for more customers, can you think of that tells you what to wear? My rule of thumb for retail is, if they do it at McDonalds, that’s the way to go.

John Reddy

Mr. Stillman would take a much better picture if he would remove that giant stick from his ass.

What a bunch of provincial bullshit.

In 45+ years in the construction industry, holding every job from laborer to CEO of an engineering firm, I have had occasion to wear, with reason, everything from 3-piece suits to jeans and workboots. One dresses for the event, not for some style dictated by some New York hipster fop.

If you have never worn jeans since graduating college, you have sadly missed out on some of life’s most satisfying experiences.

Actually, over the years, I have found that jeans are uncomfortable in warmer months. But a well worn pair of khakis and a polo shirt work very well for all but the most formal of occasions.

Then again, I’m just a Swamp Yankee from the sticks of New Hampshire. What do I know?


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