16 Aug 2012

The Ryan Effect (Causes Young Women to Breathe Faster)


There’s been a great deal of positive female reaction to Mitt Romney selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate. On Facebook, I came across a couple of recent Yale grad chicks I know crushing over the photo of Paul Ryan with his compound bow. The liberal girl confessed: “I don’t like his policies, but I’m man enough to admit he’s pretty dreamy.”

Monica Crowley thinks the GOP has turned the tables on the democrats this time, by choosing the younger, hipper, more sexually attractive nominee, and the percentage of young people’s votes going each way will be very different this time from 2008.

In 2008, the Democrats did something ingenious. They found their first 21st century candidate for the presidency.

No more Al Gores or John Kerrys. No more Clintons. No more Cold War-era fossils. In fact, one of the biggest reasons Barack Obama was able to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democrat primaries was because he created a new brand based on the future. The Obama brand was able to smash the once-omnipotent Clinton brand because the Clinton brand was yesterday’s
newspaper while the Obama brand was tomorrow’s.

Obama was the quintessential 21st century candidate: a young, hip, and biracial man with a glamorous wife, adorable young children, and friendships with pop culture icons like Jay-Z. Obama’s campaign was equally 21st century: they used social media to great effect before most people even knew what it was. They were tweeting their followers at Kanye West concerts
while John McCain, God love him, was campaigning with smoke signals.

This time, the tables have turned. While Mitt Romney sort of straddles the 20th and 21st centuries, his running mate is most decidedly 21st century. Paul Ryan is 42 years old, making him almost a decade younger than the young whipper-snapper of the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama. He sleeps in his Capitol Hill office like it’s a dorm room. He does the insanely tough
workout P90X. He walks around wearing headphones, like NBA stars and Olympic athletes. He is cool.

This matters in a nation that has always been forward-looking, pioneering, innovative, and geared toward the future. Negativity and the past don’t win the big battles for the future. Obama knew that when he crushed the Clinton machine and later, the 20th century GOP machine. This time, the Republicans get it, and they’ve found a dynamic, fearless 21st century guy in Paul Ryan.
Even Mitt Romney has become cooler, tougher, looser, and more forward-looking since Ryan joined him on the trail.

Call it The Ryan Effect.

One Feedback on "The Ryan Effect (Causes Young Women to Breathe Faster)"


It is sad, but probably true, that at this point in history there are substantial numbers who think there is so little at stake that style matters.
What WILL be important, though, is having a team in the White House next year that can (by whatever means) get Americans to finally confront the inescapable truth that you cannot build a dynamic economy on policies which transfer resources from the most productive to the least. That’s a marketing task as much as anything.


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