12 Sep 2012

How To Respond

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Islamist mob with some members wearing Guy Fawkes masks storms US Embassy in Cairo to tear down US flag on September 11.

On September 11th, the anniversary of the murder of 3000 innocent US civilians by Islamist fanatics, Muslim mobs attacked American diplomatic facilities in Cairo and Benghazi.

In Cairo, the mob merely tore down and desecrated the American flag, but in Benghazi a local militia stormed and burned the US consulate and murdered four diplomatic personnel (and several, at least two, Marine guards defending them).

So what should an American president do?

I have a few suggestions for Mr. Obama.

1) Freeze all Libyan and Egyptian assets.

2) Cancel all aid to Libya and Egypt.

3) Announce rewards for delivery to US military authorities of mullahs and militia leaders responsible for the riots and all prominent participants.

4) Launch cruise missile attacks on several principal Islamicist sites, including mosques, militia headquarters, &c. in Benghazi and Cairo. In the selection of targets, err on the side of excess.

5) Demand reparations of $10 billion from Libya, $1 billion from Egypt. (Russia received a very large and historic diamond in compensation in 1829 from Persia after the murder of its ambassador by a similar mob.

5) Announce a US Naval and Air embargo on flights and shipping from both countries to be sustained until the perpetrators have been captured and delivered and reparations have been paid. Shoot down any attempted flights, sink any ships trying to enter or leave the territorial waters of Libya or Egypt.

6) The President should make a speech informing the Islamic world that the United States will no longer regard extremist groups committing outrages against Americans or citizens of other civilized nations as distinct and separate from the governments of the same Islamic states which harbor them, fail to prevent their actions, and whose citizens provide their funding. Henceforward, any attack by Islamic extremists on Americans or citizens of allied civilized nations will be avenged promptly and with the utmost severity by similar acts of war directed at the governments, civil populations, national properties, and in particular Islamic religious sites on such a scale as which will cause Muslims everywhere to rue the day they permitted those extremists to act in their name. We are strong, Muslims are weak, and we will in future no longer refrain from avenging our people.

Islamist mob parades the body of murdered US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi.

A slightly enlarged version of this Google map of Benghazi identifies locations of mosques.



No Marines were killed, because evidently no Marines were present at the Benghazi Consulate to defend the ambassador. Politico.

Some commenters here have claimed that the photograph (which seems to have originated from a South Asian news source) shows Libyans trying to assist the ambassador. I think the photo image is indefinite. It isn’t clear whether Stevens is dead or barely alive, and the viewer cannot tell exactly what the men around him are doing. I simply quoted the original sources.

There are also reports today that Ambassador Stevens was raped by the mob before his death.

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Clearly what is needed here is another Apology Tour. Apparently they’ve forgotten the first one.


Attacking an embassy is an act of war. They desecrated the body of our ambassador! Yet, like Carter in 1979, this president will dither and wring his hands and, with quivering lower lip, say how “outraged” he is. And then he’ll do nothing. And his patsies in the media will not bring him to task for failing to defend the United States, his sworn constitutional duty. Disgusting.


Full auto. Our marines and embassy staff should have been allowed to repel the attack in it’s first minutes. When their heads are visible above the wall shoot them.

cindy ryan

This country is under attack from without
and within. All I see from grown men and women in this county is them talking about the football and the next American Idol. If the average person would say enough, and stop being worried over the prospect of being thought of as a racist or a bigot, this crap would stop!


I understand the sentiment, but that kind of reaction would turn countless moderates into extremists and make the world a more dangerous place for Americans.


“Americans or citizens of allied civilized nations will be avenged…by similar acts of war directed at the governments, civil populations, national properties, and in particular Islamic religious sites…We are strong, Muslims are weak…” Who believes this tripe! I’m in no way apologizing for the attacks (not an act of war), but if you think this is a correct response I have no use for your opinion (I’m sure you feel the same about mine).
“Parading” his body? You put uniforms on them and it looks exactly like soldiers treat the wounded.

9/11/12 Muslim Attacks On American Embassies. Pray For Family of Chris Stevens (Our Ambassador) And Other Victims. List of What Obama Should Do Following Attacks « Watch Us Play Games

[…] is an excellent list by neveryetmelted.com that gets things exactly perfect on what President Obama and America should do as a consequence of […]


Don’t hold your breath. Sadly, not even Romney (if elected) would come close to fighting this war as required, but I’m sure he’d be a damn sight better.


Nothing this jackass president can do, because of his ego, and probably his religious affiliations.. It is up to us citizens to demand Romney (hopefully, last small chance) take a constitutional approach on matters like this.. Treat this as an open attack on American soil, which it was, and start sending this bunch of religious zealots to meet the Maker.. And no more of this Washington war making, let the generals do it, if there are any left that know how.


attack mosques?

You are a fucking moron and a thug and a coward


Rich, have you forgotten how evil this religion is? There has never been one more needing annihilation. The Bible calls them a “Wild Ass of a Man”. They hate everyone and are causing the world great woe. A mosque has no particular importance, except it is a center where concentrations of radicals can meet in relative safety, because of your (and our politicians) misguided moral sensibilities.

Kevin Davitt

There was so much wrong in Libya but you don’t help the U.S. by lying. They weren’t parading Ambassador Stevens bosy as you depicted it up top. They were bringing him to an ambulance. The poor soul was already dead in the picture but you’re just making matter worse. If you portend to tell the truth then do it!


The photograph came from South Asian news sources and I quoted the way they labeled it.

I tend to assume that the original source knew what was going on.


This is a total outrage!!! I am sickend by the actions of these savages. As stated above… this was an act of war. Where are you “Mr” President!!! They are killing us!!!


They aren’t parading his body they were helping him to get to a hospital. If you check your facts (I’m assuming you don’t like most Republicans and idiots who believe anything they’re told) you would’ve heard that a number of people were helping him even though he was already dead. You see a simple picture and assume something and that’s ok but don’t go shouting idiotic opposition like Romney did before finding out the truth.


wow, what a bunch of ignorant comments on here… it’s a really sad prospect to see what americans are becoming… by the way they weren’t “parading” his body around like way back when in somalia… get your info straight… and romney is an idiot… god help us if he is elected.


The fact that he was killed is the issue here, not the parading or not parading. God help us if OBAMA is re-elected!
Unless you want to continue receiving those free checks… then I guess you would be an Obama sheep.

Casey is retarded

Casey is a sad-turd, trying to desperately exploit a tragedy for her retarded political agenda. What a sad excuse of a 2-digit IQ monkey.

Feel sad for what happened to Stevens and regardless of who the next president will be, the animals who did this horrible crime should not be shown any mercy.

Jackie Lemmink

I don’t want another war. ENOUGH!!! What happened to Christopher Stevens was horrible. Find the people who did that and prosecute. Don’t blame a whole country for what happened. I don’t want to be associated with Bush’s action in Iraq. Obama is doing the right thing. NO WAR.


President Obama is handling this perfectly, soberly, strategically. I understand the emotional response of this blog writer and of writers in this reply section — but emotional responses calling for bombing mosques, etc. are, by nature, weak since they are based on emotion. That includes Mitt Romney’s shoot first, aim later, knee-jerk response before he had the proper information. We need sober, clear-headed leadership, not all this emotion. Mitt Romney is clearly not ready for prime time.


Islam is innocent from this attack , they always use Islam as title ! our prophet Mohammad is innocent from those people who use Islam as name for them believe me Islam or real Islam is a peaceful religion you have to understand this !


If you cannot identify the International Jew then you have your head stuck up your arse.

Sally Sensitivity

Such racist remarks! We are invading their country and expect them to be nice to us? White Imperialism must end, we are only seeing the results of racism. The evils of racism killed the ambassador, not the Muslim people who were only defending their land from demonic whites.

Agent of Revenge

Its amazing how stupid and isolated many of the posters are here. Stevens was CIA as were the others who were killed. The US has been in a constant state of war since the 1930’s. The Jew influence has dominated US For Pol since the 1940s. With the 911 activity, the Jews and other Ami zealots have been in a race and religeous war against Muslims. Any of the idiots here remember the drone war’s? The US is killing huge numbers of people. It is just a matter of time till this really gets out of hand all thanks to the US. This Policy is over arching and requires any US Pres to support.

Bashir malanias

One dead American for hundreds of dead non Americans – seems about right to me.


0bama is a LIAR and he STILL should be called out for COVERING UP what happened in Libya. This was an event staged by the 0bama regime to result in a hostage-taking at the Embassy. The security draw-down beforehand was to AVOID HAVING MORE ‘ACTORS IN THIS PLAY’ and so the foreign actors could overtake the Embassy, taking Stevens hostage. Unfortunately, they didn’t count on two former SEALs with M4’s showing up and firing upon them. Things went from a planned hostage-taking to a full-on terrorist attack, resulting in 4 dead Americans. 0bama proceeded to run with the ‘hostage-taking false narrative’ regarding “a protest because of the anti-Islam video” even though the event didn’t go as planned. He DID go to bed that night, probably not knowing the event unfolded differently than was planned. He flew to Vegas the following day because he KNEW this terrorist attack was HIS staged event and not a prelude to more terrorist attacks. Understanding this is key to understanding why 0bama was so cavalier in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack. 0bama knew that if he blamed a specific group in Benghazi, the truth about this being a ‘false flag’ might come out so he chose to blame an American filmmaker instead, TO SHIFT BLAME, pleasing the hired foreign actors.

0bama was to ‘save the day’ JUST PRIOR TO THE ELECTION, brokering the release of Stevens and bolstering his re-election chances.. A bounce that could’ve put him over the top..


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