13 Sep 2012

Seems Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

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Here we are with a presidential election right around the corner. An insurgent conservative Republican is challenging an incumbent ultra-left liberal democrat. The US economy is in the toilet. Unemployment is terribly high. Gasoline prices are high enough to be a burden to American household incomes. The economic experts in Washington have no solutions. And the president tells us that we must be patient, his approach will eventually produce a new and better economy, a more moral economy along European lines.

And now, we have again Islamic militants storming US embassies and violating civilized norms and international law by laying violent hands on American diplomats. What will this president do?

I suspect that, like Jimmy Carter, he is going to wring his hands and spout conventional liberal platitudes while the country frustratedly looks on, wondering why he is incapable of understanding that the nation’s honor has been violated, American blood has been shed, and action is required.

Barack Obama probably fails to understand that this moment, right now, is the turning point in which the 2012 election will either be won or lost. The incumbent president of the United States has been presented with a challenge and an opportunity to exercise leadership in a crisis situation. The voters who are going to decide in under 60 days are watching what he does and how her behaves. His response to the attacks on America all over the Islamic Middle East will determine his fate.

So far Barack Obama is echoing Jimmy Carter and relying on his media allies to protect him.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds for the illustrative video.

2 Feedbacks on "Seems Like Déjà Vu All Over Again"


The difference is that Carter wasn’t sending government checks out to half the population and warning them that Reagan would stop the checks.


So what is the administration going to say after it becomes painfully obvious that they had every reason to know in advance that something like this might happen? Even if you judged the information skeptically, wouldn’t it have been prudent (ON SEPTEMBER 11th!!) to take extra precautions? What exactly would be the downside?
Remember, these are the same people who criticized the Bush administration for not connecting the dots about Al Qaeda in 2001.


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