27 Sep 2012

Obama Voter Says You Should Vote For Him Because He Gives Minorities Free Phones

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And, yes, it’s true: he does. Your tax dollars at work.

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More Obama disappointment. The video four years ago was of a woman who said that Obama was going to make her mortgage and car payments. And all she got was a lousy phone.


One more reason to start dismantling some of these federal programs such as the FCC:

Universal Service Fund and Lifeline:
The Universal Service Fund (USF) was created by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1997 to provide communities across America with
affordable telecommunications services. The USF supports Lifeline Assistance, a program that provides discounts on telephone service to
eligible low-income customers.
“The Lifeline program is not funded from federal taxpayer dollars, but rather from contributions to the USF by telecommunications carriers based
on those carriers interstate revenues. Those contributions are recovered from consumers of their services, including consumers of wireline and
wireless services.”

We pay for this nonsense one way or the other, either directly, or as in this case, through probably higher fees on our own service. Bill Clinton was President, but with a (I believe) Republican Congress – remember those guys ? The ones who gave us the budget surpluses ? The ones who actually wrote budgets ? The blowback from the Conservative movement in the early ’90’s created huge pressure to start the giveaways, and this (in my opinion) is where Congress completely began to fall apart.


LOLOL… we’re screwed. Turn off the lights.


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