04 Oct 2012

I Guess He Missed His Teleprompter

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Stephen Green reported live, drunkblogging last night, the first presidential debate:

7:03PM Wow. Obama looks mad, now that the subject is the ill effects of the law bearing his name.


7:04PM From the peanut gallery: “You can stay on your parents’ Medicare.”

7:23PM It’s been more of the same while our servers struggled to handle the load. And that is: Obama, peevish, scripted. Romney, relaxed, and owning the stage like one of the “big, swinging dicks” from Wall Street, which Obama both despises and relies upon.

And that’s the trick tonight, isn’t it? Obama has always relied on the big money men in private, while disparaging them in public. But what happens when he comes up against one of them in the most public way possible?

Now we know the answer, and it ain’t pretty.

The president appeared small and petulant and reactive. Romney looked presidential and secure and proactive. There was only one president on the stage tonight, and he doesn’t (yet) hold the office.

One Feedback on "I Guess He Missed His Teleprompter"


The President looked like the guy on the debate team who drew “affirmative” for “Resolved: The Nixon presidency was a success.”

But I was very disheartened by the reactions to the debate. It was all focused on how poorly Obama handled himself rather than the relative strength of Romney’s arguments. We’re not electing a Student Body President here. We’re at a critical fork in the road and deciding which direction to take. It can’t be the Kennedy-Nixon debate. It has to be the Reagan-Mondale debate.


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