06 Dec 2012

Hunting Catching on among the Hipster Set

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Slate reports on an unusual and highly ironic development among the fashionista set.

[T]he evolution of the new lefty urban hunter goes something like this:

    2006: Reads Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, about the ickyness of the industrial food complex. Starts shopping at a farmer’s market.
    2008: Puts in own vegetable garden. Tries to go vegetarian but falls off the wagon.
    2009: Decides to only eat “happy meat” that has been treated humanely.
    2010: Gets a chicken coop and a flock of chickens.
    2011: Dabbles in backyard butchery of chickens. Reads that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg decided to only eat meat he killed himself for a year.
    2012: Gets a hunting permit, thinking “how hard can it be? I already totally dominate Big Buck Hunter at the bar.”

Hunting is undeniably in vogue among the bearded, bicycle-riding, locavore set. The new trend might even be partly behind a recent 9 percent increase from 2006 to 2011 in the number of hunters in the United States after years of decline. Many of these new hunters are taking up the activity for ethical and environmental reasons.

“It feels more responsible and ecologically sound to eat an animal that was raised wild and natural in my local habitat than to eat a cow that was fattened up on grain or even hay, which is inevitably harvested with fuel-hungry machines,” writes Christie Aschwanden, a self-described “tree-hugging former vegetarian.”

A recent spate of books with titles like The Mindful Carnivore and Call of the Mild chronicles the exploits of these first-time hunters as they wrestle with their consciences and learn to sight in their rifles.

NYM blogged about Michael Pollan’s encounter with a California wild pig back in 2006.

We are going to have to read an avalanche-load of omphallic ethicizing and isn’t-it-wonderful-that-I’m-the-first-civilized-human-to-master-the-skills-of-my-primitive-Republican-neighbors accounts, but all this is still doubtless going to turn into a positive development. Hunting puts man in direct touch with Nature and allows him to enter personally into its processes. Hunting fulfills a deeply-embedded portion of our human nature, and the activity and experience of hunting inevitably makes us healthier, mentally as well as physically.

Perhaps, Nature has actually come up with a way to seduce residents of the urban community of decadence and mental disorder back into health. One pictures the metrosexual gradually turning from reading Rolling Stone and Mother Jones to picking up Garden & Gun and Double Gun Journal.

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Now that’s funny. My son and I practice with our longbows almost every afternoon, but so far, the hipsters next door haven’t commented. Maybe they’re studying us?

COL Goff

I dont think you can over state the amount of infulence GandG has on the hipster crowd.

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Yeah, but do you really want one of these yahoos behind you with a loaded gun?

David Gatch

Its bad enough these know-nothings are allowed to screw over the nation voting, let alone have them using firearms. YIKES!

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