06 Jan 2013

Jay Leno to Current TV Host Joyce Behar: “Osama bin Ladin’s Your New Boss?”

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And then there’s former one-heart-beat-from-the-Presidency Al Gore, America’s Caligula.

Having obtained the second most ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize in history and a hundred million dollars or so for using junk science and shameless demagogy to erect a rationale for governmental parasitism on the productive economy on an unprecedented scale, Al Gore jets off, spewing carbon emissions profusely all the way, to use his high-level political clout to secure cable distribution for a new “progressive” television network.

Current TV was supposed to become the American left’s great new weapons platform, allowing them to compete successfully for public influence with conservative AM talk radio (Rush Limbaugh) and Fox News.

The problem is that Americans weren’t interested in left-wing propaganda, and Current TV’s rating numbers compared with those obtained by late night test screens.

But was polú-tropos* Al Gore discouraged? Not he. He simply turned around and sold the network he developed to subvert America via domestic treason to a foreign enemy. His share? Another hundred million.

Now Americans will be able to tune into a televised equivalent of Tokyo Rose right in the middle of their cable programming list.

Thank you, Albert Gore.


*applied by Homer to Odysseus, “man of many twists and turnings.”


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