14 Jan 2013

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Truly brave people seldom have to assemble audiences to inform them of their bravery.


I had to read Les Miserables in 19th grade English class. Didn’t like it much, it’s a tough read. I went to see the movie this week, it’s tough to sit through it all. Here is what you need to know before you see it. It’s a musical and every word is sung but, wait for it… none of the actors can sing. Oh, they deliver their lines to music sure enough but it isn’t “singing” in the sense that they have a good voice and it sounds like music. I enjoyed it, mostly, because of the effort they made to make it great. Didn’t say it was great just that they made an effort to make it great. It was good except for all that caterwauling. Some people cried in the movie but I think they were just happy it was over. I was happy when it was over.


10th grade English!! Might have seemed like 19th at the time though.


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