03 Feb 2013

How About Female Players in the Superbowl?


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Obama actually said this yesterday concerning women in the military, “Women can do everything a man can, and more.”
Now why would he say something that is demonstrably untrue? Because this is a man who puts emotion above reason when it serves him. A man who offers 23 meaningless executive orders in place of actually sifting through the evidence of what has and has not been proven effective. A man who purposely conflates religious objection with a war on women. And we’re supposed to take seriously his pronouncements that “global warming” is a phenomenon that can be altered by government decree?

I’m waiting for the “there is nothing that is too costly if it will save a human life” speech, which is the gold standard for those anxious to suspend reason in favor of emotional extravagance.


The Democrats and Obama are following Alinsky’s rules for radicals. The end justifies the means. No lie is too great or to difficult to say with a straight face if it can accomplish what you want. Now the question is can it all work? Can Obama and his minions pull of the greatest coup in history? They intend do radically change the USA and destroy it in the process. May you live in interesting times.


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