19 Feb 2013

Too Late For Valentine’s Day, Alas!

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Devonian Comura trilobite from Hamar Laghdad Formation, Erfoud, Morocco

The advertising description reads:

This INVESTMENT GRADE spiny Comura trilobite represents the finest possible quality of preservation, completeness and displays an entire array of authentic spines freed completely from their matrix and exposed. This species is one of the most complex and difficult to prepare in this manner and such a project encompasses untold hours of meticulous preparation and skill. All three rows of spines running down the lobes of this trilobite and all other cephalonic spines have been exposed and are 100% AUTHENTIC. The trilobite is prepared with the head (cephalon) protruding up off of the rock and rock is removed from beneath. This time-consuming fantastic, natural position gives the impression as if it is attempting to crawl off its original limestone matrix. Examples like this come along only on very rare occasion and 100% authentic examples are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Perfect for the most demanding advanced collector striving to acquire specimens based on the finest rarity and quality.

I didn’t actually realize that trilobites came in investment grade, and I bet they didn’t either, but I will gladly concede that is is one heck of a nice trilobite.

The photos don’t really make it clear that this bad boy is only 2.4″ long, and the whole shooting match, rock and all, is less than 3 1/2″ long. Nonetheless, they are asking $4250.

Hat tip to Fred Lapides.

One Feedback on "Too Late For Valentine’s Day, Alas!"

Karen Myers (the wife)

Helluva nice item. Better than a dozen roses.


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