17 Apr 2013

Applause Drowned Out Leftist Jeers

At Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, the Telegraph reports that expressions of appreciation and respect from the British public drowned out the unseemly expressions of animosity from churlish representatives of the left.

It seemed to come out of nowhere. No one knew who’d started it – perhaps it was purely instinctual. But as the hearse came into view, the crowds found themselves breaking into applause – applause that followed the hearse all the way along the route, until it drew up at the church of St Clement Danes.

Then, once the coffin had been loaded on to the gun carriage and the horses moved off, the applause started again – and followed it all the way to St Paul’s.

Down the roads it spread and spread and spread, a long impromptu chain of respect and appreciation.

The applause wasn’t rowdy; there were no whoops or whistles. It was steady, warm, dignified. But also, somehow, determined.

At Ludgate Circus, protesters began to boo and jeer – only to find the rest of the crowd applauding all the more loudly to drown them out.

Read the whole thing.

The Thatcher funeral inevitably reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s. I remember the whole long route of the hearse to the grave-site far out into the hills, lined all the way with ordinary people, and even the television reportage filled with emotion. I remember in particular the cameras catching sight of one woman holding up a hand lettered sign, which seemed to me to sum up perfectly the feelings of most Americans. That sign read: “Well Done.”

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And President Obama couldn’t send an official delegation to honor one of the great leaders of the last century? Classy.


the thing I remember about the Reagan funeral was how the people of the press and tv who disrespected him while he was alive were so surprised how many people really loved and respected him. they started the day with the under the breath comments and before it was over were gushing praise to R.R. They had to get on board, at least for one day, or totally expose themselves for the sleeeezballs they are.


I remember seeing Margaret Thatcher in the funeral procession for Ronald Reagan, when they made their way past a mall in Thousand Oaks, Ca. on their way the Reagan Library for the burial service. There must have been at least 20,000 people watching. It was gratifying to see her then.
Obama should have attended her funeral.
But, her place in history is secured. His, not so much.


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