26 May 2013

Woolwich Jihadis Living on the Dole?

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Michael Adebolajo

Bird Dog

These people are paid more from Welfare than the murdered soldier made.

I tried, and I have not been able to verify this, but it may very well be true. If it is true, speaks volumes about the insanity of contemporary Western culture.

One Feedback on "Woolwich Jihadis Living on the Dole?"

Mike Cunningham

Unfortunately, David, it may well be exactly true.

Because we are now 40-year long members of the European Union, and as we have also signed away our vbery rights to clean the gutters of the scum which has floated on to our shores and cities, we cannot get rid of these clowns. We have to pay them various benefits, because we cannot be choosy.

Sometimes I wonder why my father, along with many thousands of others, served throughout WW2; mainly because we seem to have given everything away, or rather our lying, thieving politicians have given everything away in our name!


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