27 May 2013

Memorial Day

WWII Victory Medal

All of my grandparents’ sons and one daughter, now all departed, served.

Joseph Zincavage (1907-1998) Navy
(No wartime photograph available)

William Zincavage (1914-1997) Marine Corps

Edward Zincavage (1917-2002) Marine Corps

Eleanor Zincavage Cichetti (1922-2003) Marine Corps

One Feedback on "Memorial Day"


They were a strong generation. Sorely tested by a very long and deep depression and then by a massive two front war. One thing most Americans alive today do not understand about WW II and that is in 1941 after Pearl Harbor there was no guarantee we were going to eventually win. Germany and Japan were very well armed and committed adversaries. In fact if both of these countries leaders had not made serious mistakes the outcome could have been quite different. It is worth pointing out that not only the men and women in uniform sacrificed but most/all Americans sacrificed here at home to support the war effort. A great generation it is so sad to see so many are now gone. I only hope our current generation is as strong when the next ‘test” of our resolve happens.


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