04 Jul 2013

“American Revolution a Flop,” Says WaPo Editorialist

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Leave it to the Washington Post to celebrate Independence Day by getting some Canadian “free-lance writer” and self-styled historian to compare the USA (where we actually are allowed to hunt with dogs and own firearms) unfavorably with other (even more statist and socialist) “English-speaking countries.”

Paul Pirie (surprise! surprise!) immediately plays the old Slavery card, says we have too many criminals in jail (well, I may go along with him in opposing our victimless crime laws), and contends that we don’t take enough days off and work too hard. He even then proceeds, withe the height of insolence, to suggest that “[p]erhaps it’s time for Americans to accept that their revolution was a failure and renounce it.”


The correct reply to M. Pirie (and the editors of the Washington Post) would be the same given by Sheriff Little Bill (Gene Hackman) to English Bob (Richard Harris) in Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven” (1992).

One Feedback on "“American Revolution a Flop,” Says WaPo Editorialist"


Where would these English-speaking monarchists be, if were not for free Americans who time and again rose to fight, fight for the English subject’s liberty?

And yet we set lofty goals for our budding nation that even today we struggle to attain, does not mean our efforts were or are in vain.

As for slavery, let us speak with the Englishman’s Indian Coolie who though slipped a few pounds toiled under oppressive rules until the wake of WWII brought British decline.


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