13 Jul 2013

How Dumb Are Professional Newscasters? This Dumb

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Legal Insurrection
commented today on the news report that everyone on the Internet was laughing about yesterday.

A news anchor with television station KTVU in California was duped into reading off the names of several purported pilots from Asiana Flight 214, which crash landed on a San Francisco runway on July 6th, killing three and injuring over 180 passengers.

The “pilot names” were so painfully obviously fake, it’s hard to believe that this segment ever made it to air. I mean, with names like “Captain Sum Ting Wong” and “Ho Lee Fuk” – really?

The worst part about it is that the TV station did at least try to do some legwork and reached out to the National Transportation Safety Board for verification. The NTSB confirmed the names.

KTVU later aired a correction and apology.



Gawker reported:

The National Transportation Safety Board issued a press release this evening acknowledging that a summer intern had erroneously confirmed four fake Asiana pilot names to Bay Area TV station KTVU. The release corroborates KTVU’s claim that an NTSB official had confirmed that “Ho Lee Fuk” and “Sum Ting Wong,” among others, had been manning Asiana flight 214, which crashed near San Francisco on Saturday.

and indignantly demanded: “if you’ve got any information on the intern behind this shitshow, email us.


Being public-spirited, I naturally forwarded to them this tip, tweeted by Iowahawk:

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LMAO! I haven’t this hard in years.


Either that or it was Haywood Jablome. :)


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