12 Sep 2013

He Really Doesn’t Like Stephanie Cutter

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Stephanie Cutter

I haven’t seen it, but apparently CNN has revived its public affairs debate program Crossfire. The new version features Newt Gingrich and (from the left) former Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter.

Patrick Howley supposedly reviewed the new Crossfire at the Daily Caller, but his review consisted of a really spectacular anti-Cutter rant.

To watch this latest incarnation of Crossfire is to confront, head-on, the defining unspoken reality of human existence: bad people like Stephanie Cutter can climb, in defiance of taste and public demand, to a position of success.

A loathsome creature like Stephanie Cutter, the roots jutting out from her blonde dye job as black as the recesses of her soul, can push her way onto national television to sit next to a former Speaker of the House and two sitting U.S. senators. A charmless, dead-eyed, tacky sociopath with no sense of ethics, an empty shell spewing her flat-throated bile without the slightest trace of self-awareness, can beat all of us to the front of the Darwinian line.

A figure of hatred and dishonesty, a person devoid of any pleasantness or redeeming human value, a treadmill-stomping, Starbucks-chugging monument to modern self-absorption, someone incapable of appreciating good art, fine food, or the love or kidness of her fellow man, can shove and kick and lie her way ahead of the rest of us in this misbegotten society. This unmitigated monster can appear before us, talentless, grating, fraudulently tanned, thrusting in our faces the career trophies she earned simply because we didn’t care enough to stop her from getting them.

Who is responsible for this speed-talking tragedy? Who, among us, will stand in the public square and admit “I helped cause Stephanie Cutter.” Will anyone? Should we all?

Stephanie Cutter is feminism mutated into grotesque cartoon. She is the 90-IQ suburbanite Student Council vice president smugly doodling her gel pens in the front row of the class, mixed with the ranting fever dreams of the Smith College lecture halls, doused with half a dash of unearned metropolitan haughtiness and marinated in the despicable shouting matches of post-Carville politicking. She is Carrie Bradshaw without the literacy, Chelsea Handler without the punch lines, Kirsten Powers without the prettiness, gorging her face with the spoils of ill-gotten first-world privilege. How did we allow this American with a Social Security number to power-walk through the halls of our society for 44 years (yes, Stephanie, forty-four) without recognizing the warning signs?

Read the whole thing.

I must confess that I actually didn’t know who Stephanie Cutter was, and had to look her up.

Can she possibly be this bad? I suppose I’ll have to look for Crossfire to find out.

2 Feedbacks on "He Really Doesn’t Like Stephanie Cutter"

Vernon Speer

Amen. Her contribution, or lack of, is way too “in your face”. An incredible poor choice of cast for an otherwise good show.

charles gillis

Wow!, if I ever had the chance to tell this pathetic excuse for a woman how I felt, it would be every word you said!
Right on Pat!


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