17 Sep 2013

Another Shooting Incident and Liberals Go After Law-Abiding Gun Owners Again


We’ve just had another mass shooting, this time involving a guy with a record of gun offenses using several firearms which were undoubtedly illegal in the jurisdiction in which the shootings occurred to commit murders (which are against the law everywhere), so naturally the left is once again taking advantage of public outrage at criminal violence to provide the impetus for legislation aimed at curtailing gunownership by law-abiding citizens.

At Ricochet, ExUrban Kevin last night was already expressing annoyance at being blamed and potentially penalized for the actions of some whackjob.

Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski reminded us again today that the left believes that, when it comes to the tragedy of a mass shooting, it’s not the person who did the killing that’s to blame; it’s gun owners in general:

    How The NRA Twitter Handles A Mass Shooting: Silence

    The model is to go silent for at least a day, depending on the scope of the tragedy.

Why should the NRA respond? Is the Navy Yard shooter an NRA Life Member? Why should the NRA care about such things if he’s not? Funny how I never see the American Automobile Association pestered for immediate commentary when someone decides to commit vehicular manslaughter.

I hate, hate the fact that I have to defend the right to defend my family every time some monster with a screw loose decides to kill others, then himself (next time try that in the other order, bucko).

What happened in Washington D.C. has as much to do with my owning guns as this does with me driving my kids to school.

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The problem is clearly that we need more gun control. DC has the strictest gun control in the U.S. but obviously that is not enough. DC even actively looks for and prosecutes tourists that happen to have a empty bullet cartridge. I suggest two “fixes” to prevent this from happening again: 1. Don’t simply prosecute someone innocently carrying an empty brass bullet cartridge, lets start executing them on sight. 2. Gun control needs to get more serious so I am suggesting that all innocent law abiding civilians have their homes and properties searched and if they even have any books or other publications that mention guns they should go to jail. Clearly we are not punishing enough innocent citizens and that’s why even DC with the strictest gun control in the U.S. fails to protect us. Criminals will still be exempt from these laws out of respect to their 5th amendment rights.


Thanks to President Clinton, military personnel are prohibited from carrying weapons while on base. Absent that order, I’m pretty sure someone would have taken out Alexis in far less time than it took the police to arrive.
Of course, Alexis knew full well that there would be no weapons at the Naval Yard. We will probably never know, but it seems likely to me that that was one of the reasons he chose the venue.


Could this be another DOJ operation like fast and furious only mass shootings on our own soil to get people to go along with more gun control and since a photo and name of the shooter has been released is Obama going to say ” this could have been me 20 years ago.”


One observation on this incident. Early on the news was saying it was a white man in his 30’s. Obviously it was early on and good data was unavailable. I was kind of watching the news when Eleanor Holmes Norton came to the mike. That seemed a little odd since it was law enforcement doing most of the talking. Then she admonished us not to jump to any conclusions about the shooting. My ears perked up, I’m wondering what is one of the race pimps telling us not to jump to any conclusions for? I’m beginning to think somehow a black person must be involved in this mess. Then, after a few minutes, the picture of the shooter is on the TV. AHA! Now I understand why suddenly race pimps are stepping up to the mike…


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