05 Oct 2013

Republican Strategy


Peter Ferrara, at Forbes, argues that democrats are already failing in their calculated efforts to exacerbate the government shutdown and pin the blame on Republicans. He thinks the Republicans have a pretty simple winning strategy available.

When a reporter asked Harry Reid why the Senate would not pass a bill so children could continue to get their cancer treatments while the House-Senate budget battle dragged on, Reid responded, “Why would we do that?” and questioned the intelligence of the reporter. The obvious human answer was to save the lives of children. But Reid was not thinking about humanity. He was thinking about the political consequences of engineering a shutdown in further manipulation of the public against Republicans he is so certain the public will blame. In that context, his question made sense, including his disparagement of the reporter’s intelligence. Couldn’t she see the political value in denying health care to cancer stricken children, when the Republicans would be so obviously blamed for that?

But those bills were the beginning of the Republicans stumbling upon the right answer to the Democrats’ ploy. House Republicans should go back to regular order and start passing the remaining 11 or 12 appropriations bills to fund the entire government, except for Obamacare. Pass one each day, and hold a press conference to say the Republicans are ready to go to a Conference Committee with the Democrats if they disagree on the appropriations bill just passed. …

[I]f the Democrats disagree with the provisions of these appropriations bills, they can pass their own appropriations bills with different provisions, and go to a Conference Committee with the House to compromise over final legislation. This is standard procedure for passage of bills. Check your high school civics book. …

If Senate Democrats never get around to Conference Committee meetings on the appropriations bills, that would only reveal to everyone who is really responsible for the government shutdown after all. That would only mean that 800,000 nonessential federal employees out of 2.9 million would stay on furlough indefinitely. No harm to the public in that, and it would save a lot of money the government doesn’t have besides. Once House Republicans pass their appropriations bills, they can wait for Senate Democrats to show up to do their part as long as it takes.

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This is the technique that Debbie Wasserman Shultz follwed during the 2012 election. It is called lies damned lies and I don’t care what you say I’m gonna lie to your face because you voters are too stupid to recognize it


Yeah, I don’t quite understand why the House hasn’t passed the regular appropriations bills for the undisputed portions of government. Seems like a stupid error.

But then, one thing this shutdown has revealed is how little DC pundits and politicians alike understand about passing a budget and the skeleton of how it works. Far to many were, shocked! shocked! to discover the Anti-deficiency act. And far to many keep reporting on employees going to jail if they work due to it. When in actuality, those who have the budgetary authority and permit the obligation be be incurred are the ones liable. The employee, however, could be disciplined or terminated however.


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