08 Nov 2013

“Your Purring Little Murderer”

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Sullyblog recently found itself another humanitarian crusade to climb on board.

Bad enough our letting the Bush Administration roughly handle jihadi terrorists (Torture!). On top of that, we allow domestic cats to reproduce and then we “introduce” them into natural environments properly understood to be the park and preserve of rodents and small birds. We are kind of like God introducing Spaniards into the New World.

TIBS from Sam Huntley on Vimeo.


Disapproving Aunt Andrew quotes crusading vegan journalist Deanna Pan writing in Mother Jones about the findings of a study of feline atrocities by the University of Georgia.

About 30 percent of the sampled cats were successful hunters and killed, on average, two animals a week. Almost half of their spoils were abandoned at the scene of the crime. Extrapolating from the data to include the millions of feral cats brutalizing native wildlife across the country, the American Bird Conservancy estimates that kitties are killing more than 4 billion animals annually. And that number’s based on a conservative weekly kill rate, said Robert Johns, a spokesman for the conservancy.

“We could be looking at 10, 15, 20 billion wildlife killed (per year),” Johns said.


Doesn’t it seem fitting that the moralizing and modernizing representatives of the progressive community of fashion not only hasten to defend the Mussulman bombmaker, but also take time out from ordering the stars in their courses to champion the rights of mice, rats, pigeons, and house sparrows?

Spoilsport Deanna Pan (I bet she was not born with that surname) thinks we should bell and bib our cats in order to foil their hunting.

(Also quoted by Andrew Sullivan) Amanda Marcotte, writing in Slate, contends that helicopter-pet-ownership, i.e. persistent bien pensant human supervision and restricted access to the out-of-doors, is the solution.

One of my cats spent the first year of her life as a completely outdoor cat who slept in a barn, so getting her to stop begging to be let out took some spine, but now she’s perfectly happy to have her outdoor life limited to small amounts of time on the balcony. If I ever feel bad about exerting power over her in this way, I just remind myself I’m being much more generous to her than she’d be to small creatures that she comes across, which goes a long way toward relieving any guilt.

All of which proves, I think, that no limits to officious theorizing of the modern pseudo-intelligentsia can be found to exist.

Personally, I think all these self-appointed legislators’ pantries should be infested with hanta-virus-bearing mice and pigeons should target them whenever they go outside.


Let Piaf speak for the pussycats.

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My wife made a post on her facebook page … to show how our old cat brings home rodent trophies.

Some of her so called friends went nutz … calling our pet a murderer.

One libtard relative suggested that we could be charged by the police for harboring a dangerous animal (not joking).

I suggested in reply that people should mind their own freeking business and that’s when the Un- Friending started.

I say good riddance.

Steve Wilson

If I could afford large purring murderer-say a two hundred pound puma-do you suppose some of these good liberals would be willing to keep him in their houses on a rotating basis. A kind of mountain lion roulette.


My cat is broken. She’s not keeping up her end at all. Sure some bastard took her front claws but still. She has taken a few, far to few mice. Since she took me into her service, I’ve let her out as much as possible. She even ran off for 7 weeks. Came back skinny. But she’s no killer. Sure, she’s stalked turkeys and gave thought to a few deer but no success.

Heck, even the near feral strays have been a bit poor on the hunting side given their lack of success clearing out the voles tearing up my lawn. The squirrels, the rabbits, they all run wild and free. A fox did almost get my cat last spring and a few months later just strolled by the house while I was trying to get a feral used to people.


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