21 Nov 2013

All the Deaths in “Game of Thrones”

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Some people think George R.R. Martin is a bloodthirsty world inventor who mercilessly kills off an extraordinary number of his own characters.

Redditor Ma Petite Choufleur marked each fatality in the five volumes.

H/t Karen L. Myers.

One Feedback on "All the Deaths in “Game of Thrones”"


When I was young and aspiring to be a writer I studied great works of fiction to try to find “the formula” to a good story. My conclusion was that the author carefully built the story around a few “good guys”, a few bad guys and everyone else that for the most part only supported the story. The formula is that one or two of the good guys had to die. One should be a total innocent who dies at the hands of the bad guys and one should be the good guy who dies making everything right. And of course most of the bad guys die but the worst of them must be the one who kills the good guys and is himself killed by one of the good guys. What makes a story good to read is the plot and action and smooth flow. What makes it memorable is that the innocent good guy you were cheering for had to die but their death was avenged.


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