25 Nov 2013

Yale on Lockdown After Reports of Gunman


One of those armored vehicles (with unmanned machine-gun turret) can be seen sitting just outside the campus.

Around 9:30 A.M. this morning, an anonymous caller phoned New Haven Police warning them that his roommate was going to Yale to shoot people. There have been reports of a man being sighted carrying a long gun. Yale is on Thanksgiving break. Most people are not on campus. And police have swarmed the area between Chapel & Elm and High and College Streets.

NBC Connecticut News


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One Feedback on "Yale on Lockdown After Reports of Gunman"

bob sykes

The Army is giving these away to police departments; even college cops are getting them. However, I doubt any of them still have machine guns or grenade launchers installed.

Unfortunately, we now have militarized police who are essentially untrained and undisciplined and who are prone to unprovoked violence. These vehicles will give the thugs a (false) sense of invulnerability, and we can expect even more outrages.

On the bright side, the Army is getting rid of these armored trucks because they were not entirely satisfactory. They have no cross-country capability (not a problem in a city), and they can be disabled by IEDs (a problem in a city). The Army used them to move a few people from Point A to Point B. They have very limited combat capability, and like any armored vehicle need dismounted infantry to defend them.


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