28 Nov 2013

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving

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When the pilgrams came to the new world they found entire Indian villages abandoned and very few Indians. The various diseases brought from the old world in previous encounters had wiped out many Indians. Some would attribute those Indian deaths to some dark plan by the explorers and immigrants but it was not of course. Everyone sufferred the ravages of these diseases. During the same period when those diseases killed hundreds of thousands of Indians the same diseases killed millions of Europeans.
Arguably there was no genocide in America’s early years. What there was, was the inevitale result of to very different cultures and human intolerance. There were a very large number of one on one or ten on one or ten on ten battles but not concerted intentional genocide. One side prospered and one side did not so it is easy to cast angry aspersions on the immigrants. It’s the “in” thing to do, even Cher, who we would all agree is clueless, does it. It’s satisfying to claim somene else, not you of course, but someone else did bad things. What pleasure it gives the incrimination throwers to rake up old unpleasantries and pick old scabs. For them Thanksgiving is the season to take time out from accusing us all of destroying the planet and accuse us of having destroyed a race of people. I can’t wait until Christmas when the hollywood jet set takes time out from their bacchanalian parties and excess to once again claim the moral high ground and accuse us of some great wrong before they disappear again into their private jet to spread CO2 and eat and drink enough to support a small tribe of those revered Indians and maybe pass out drunk or overdose on drugs.
Note to Cher: Have you looked in the mirror lately? I think you have a good lawsuit against thos plastic surgeons…


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