30 Jan 2014

Anniversary of the Execution of King Charles I


King Charles I, executed by left-wing totalitarians, 30 January 1649.

He nothing common did or mean
Upon that memorable scene,
But with his keener eye
The axe’s edge did try;
Nor call’d the gods with vulgar spite
To vindicate his helpless right,
But bowed his comely head
Down as upon a bed.
This was that memorable hour
Which first assur’d the forced pow’r.
So when they did design
The Capitol’s first line,
A bleeding head, where they begun,
Did fright the architects to run

Andrew Marvell

One Feedback on "Anniversary of the Execution of King Charles I"


I don’t know which side I would’ve supported in the ECW. My head probably would have been with Parliament, but my heart would’ve been with the King.


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