05 Feb 2014

I Did Not Like That Coke Superbowl Ad

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I was sitting, reading a book on my eReader, yesterday over at Hunter’s Garage in Warriors Mark, waiting for new lights to be installed on the plow on my Ford pickup, so that the old truck could get its Pennsylvania inspection sticker, and my eye fell on a large box sitting on the office floor, which was labeled “horno de microonda”* and “sobre la gama.”** It also had a manufacturer’s name, but the identity of its contents was indicated to Americans in Central Pennsylvania entirely in Spanish.


* “horno de microonda” = microwave oven — ** “sobre la gama” = over the range


These days, you can’t purchase pretty much any product or appliance which doesn’t come with labeling and directions provided in Spanish and French with English looking like an afterthought alternative.

When I used the ATM machine in the local supermarket in Purcellville, Virginia, I used to find it mildly irritating that I had to specifically choose English as the language the transaction was going to be conducted in, ruling out choices like Vietnamese and Russian.

I don’t think that it is necessarily a bad thing that George Babbitt is making an effort to accommodate the needs of immigrants and visiting foreigners in American commerce, but I do think that the convenience and natural expectation of native-born citizens that our own national language would represent the default position ought to be respected.

There has been a good deal of discussion the last couple of days about language and legitimate expectation in connection with the Superbowl ad aired by Coca Cola, in which “America the Beautiful” was sung in nine different languages (Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Senegalese-French, Keres (a spectacularly obscure Amerindian language spoken in some of the Pueblos of New Mexico)… and English, which additionally featured (take that, reactionaries!) an interracial homosexual couple complete with adopted child.

Sanctimonious libs loved the ad for its alleged celebration of “diversity.” But their definition of diversity obviously excludes all normal, native-born Americans of European descent (except for about 4 seconds of a token cowboy). The America they find beautiful is the future brown-skinned majority, sexually-perverse, hijab-wearing, Third World-descended America which they are constantly predicting will shortly be replacing that objectionable earlier white, male-dominated, cis-gendered, European-descended oppressive America.

Coke’s America the Beautiful presented a 30-second vision of the American left’s multicuturalist wet dream fantasy, a brave new America composed of newly-arrived immigrants and minorities, dancing in our streets and eating our lunch, while taking self-congratulatory bows for replacing every last iota of pre-1960s American identity with their own, except –of course– for the 4-second-present cowboy at the beginning, who may really be just riding off into the sunset.

How could anyone possibly object? Aren’t we a nation of immigrants after all?

I’d say that the reason some people object is that immigrants today are commonly not what they used to be. When my own grandparents came here, around the turn of the last century, they came to escape the tyranny of the Russian Tsar and were willing to settle for a deal offering them the opportunity to take the most dangerous and unattractive kind of employment, working in the Anthracite coal mines, in return for citizenship and a New World of freedom and opportunity for their posterity.

My grandparents built their own schools and churches, read their own newspapers in their own language, and lived quietly in their own neighborhood. Today’s immigrants commonly expect special linguistic accommodation, special recognition and privileges, a welfare state, and immediate promotion into the American ruling class.

My grandparents wanted only the opportunity to make a living, the prospect of a better life for their children, and to be left alone. The American left seems to think that today’s immigrants deserve to star in Super bowl commercials. They believe the rest of us have an obligation to accommodate, recognize, and celebrate everybody else’s languages and cultures, everybody’s except, of course, for our own, the language and culture of normal native-born Americans of European descent.

Hurrah for Tagalog-speaking Filippinos, for the Senegalese and the Keres-speakers from the Pueblo, three cheers for sodomy, and to hell with the Mayflower descendants, the offspring of the pioneers who cleared the Wilderness and won the West, and screw all the Catholic European ethnics who built the modern industrial America and won the great World Wars.

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I agree. Of course, Coke has been shilling for the multi-culti left since at least 1971, when this sickening hippie hymn was unleashed on the world:



I was puzzled by the ad and thought that a song with such long-standing American heritage should be sung in the traditional American language. However, Coke has not invited me to make corrections to its public relations policy. Some might think that Coke sales will suffer for taking this step, but a Coke addiction is a terribly difficult thing to waste.

Fred Z

The USA has no “National Language”. Go ahead, look in the constitution, it ain’t there. The USA has this weird thing called “freedom of Speech” meaning anyone can talk in any language they want, geddit?

But never mind, English will win because it’s a superior language.

If it isn’t, it will lose out, and deserves to lose out.

Vaya con Dios, und warum sind mathematische Papieren oft noch in Deutsch geschrieben?


Of course they celebrate the Mayflower descendants and Central Europeans – in silence – for those are the ones who built the American economy and tax base that they’re exploiting.

Yes, I’m proud of my heritage too – Celto-Germanic with some Spanish, but I’m primarily proud to be an American. I don’t see why I should go out of my way to show how not-American I am. (Unless, like Elizabeth Warren and Harvard, that idea can be scammed too.)


Back in the 40’s and 50’s I lived in a large East coast city. We had a lot of immigrants from many different countries. Every year in grade school we would get a couple of new kids who couldn’t speak any English. Within a few weeks they were speaking someEnglish and within a few months they were speaking good English. There is no good reason for the telephone to ask what language you want or the ATM or to teach in a foreign language. Not only is it unnecessary it is a mistake.

T. Shaw

Translate this: Fuck Coke.


I’m pretty sure they sang Deutschland über alles in French back in ’42.


A rather pointed observation from 1886. He seems prophetic given what happened in 1914.

“The multiplicity of languages is due to the policy of international hate, inaugurated by the nations of Europe to promote the selfish purposes of rulers. Barbarism is diversity; civilization is unity. The human race is one, provided it is civilized, and it should have but one language. Language is a tool, and time consumed in acquiring skill in the use of more than one tool designed for the same end, is wasted. The standing armies of Europe obstruct the way to unity of language. The time will come when all civilized peoples will speak one tongue, probably the English. Then language will cease to be a mere vain accomplishment, and become what it ought always to have been, the simple means of familiarizing the mind with things, and of the communication of knowledge.”


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