07 Feb 2014

Makarov Shooting Game

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Short but pleasant enough Russian shooting game. You are a Russian Federation officer with gold braid on your sleeve, practicing shooting your Makarov. Hit “start” (the button near the trigger). Control your wobbling grip, line up the sights on the bullseye, and quickly trigger off the three rounds you’ve been allotted. This is a rapid fire game. You are being timed, and do not have enough seconds to line up individual shots.

I found it pretty easy to get a good group in the vicinity of the ten-ring. This game makes me wonder if real Makarovs have such nice trigger pulls.

One Feedback on "Makarov Shooting Game"


My East German-manufactured Makarov has a very good trigger in single action mode but double action leaves much to be desired. The sights are a bit skimpy for serious target work but adequate for their intended use. The Makarov handles and points well and is simple to clean and maintain. Overall it is a reliable, accurate pistol for self defense or home protection in the hands of a competent shooter.


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