30 Mar 2014

Popular Delusions

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Next time you see a poll published in some newspaper indicating that a majority of the public believes in Global Warming, supports Gay Marriage, or thinks there ought to be a law against something or other, take a look at this one.

My parents believed back then that reading comic books was somehow bad for you.

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It isn’t!?

Polling to get the desired results is a matter of the phrasing of the question. For example: Do you favor immigration reform? Most people do. But less then half favor amnesty. However the poll results when published is that most people favor amnesty. Most people favor helping the “needy”. But if the question were honest it would be: Do you favor taking money from hard working people to give to lazy bums so they can buy cigarettes, beer and pot and not have to work for it? If the question were honest I think a large majorit would want to end welfare.


Poll question: “The government should pass laws requiring that employers pay fair wages. Do you: Strongly Agree, Agree, No Opinion, Disagree, Strongly Disagree”.

Poll responses: 1 in each category.

Poll reporting: “80% of respondents felt that a federal minimum wage was an important issue, and most of the respondents would not oppose one”


“Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”


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