10 Apr 2014

“Waterboard Him Some More”

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Abu Zubaydah

Left-wing sissies (HuffPo, SullyDish) have their panties in a twist over a John McCain revelation from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s (partisan) report on interrogation techniques leaked to the National Journal:

McCain… elaborated on an event that was reported Monday by The Post, noting that officials waterboarding a terror suspect reported to CIA headquarters that they had “gotten everything we can out of the guy.”

“The message came back, ‘Waterboard him some more.’ That is unconscionable,” McCain said.

Poor Abu Zubaydah, after all, merely, as Wikipedia notes:

Quickly rose from very low level mujahedin to third or fourth man in al Qaeda.

Served as Osama Bin Laden’s senior lieutenant.

Managed a network of training camps.

Was instrumental in the training of operatives for al Qaeda, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist elements inside Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Acted as the Deputy Camp Commander for al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, personally approving entry and graduation of all trainees during 1999–2000.

Approved all individuals going in and out of Afghanistan to the training camps from 1996–1999.

No one went in and out of Peshawar, Pakistan without his knowledge and approval.

Acted as al Qaeda’s coordinator of external contacts and foreign communications.

Acted as al Qaeda’s counter-intelligence officer and had been trusted to find spies within the organization.

Was involved in every major terrorist operation carried out by al Qaeda.

Was a planner for the Millennium plot to attack U.S. and Israeli targets during the Millennium celebrations in Jordan.

Served as a planner for the Paris Embassy plot in 2001.

Was one of the planners of 9/11.

Engaged in planning future terrorist attacks against U.S. interests.

Wrote al Qaeda’s manual on resistance techniques

Abu Zubaydah was one of the principal planners of the 9/11 attacks which killed more than 3000 innocent non-combatants. If I’d been in charge at the CIA and the interrogators at the scene phoned home to report that “they had gotten everything they can out of the guy,” and asked me what to do next. I would have said exactly the same thing. And that demonstrates precisely why decisions about how to deal with terrorists and illegal combatants should be made by “rough men”* and not by wimps and sissies.

*”People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

–attributed to George Orwell.

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Breaking bones, bruising, cutting, sticking things into your body, starving, etc. are torture. Who wouldn’t be opposed to torture it is gruesome. Water boarding is uncomfortable even unbearable, which of course is why it works. Is it torture? Probably not. Everyone who enters in our military special forces is “treated” to water boarding. They do this simply so the soldier will have some experience and know what to expect. Is doing this “torturing” our troops? Probably not. Water boarding a few high value terrorists resulted in a treasure trove of information and much of it was timely and prevented terrorist acts. The anti-water boarding elite would have you believe that we could have gooten these results by merely questioning the terrorists. Presumably they mean long hours of constantly keeping the terrorists awake, restrained, and perhaps loud music playing while they continually harrassed them with questions. Oddly they don’t consider that to be torture. But experience shows that the terrorists are trained to resist this kind of questioning/torture and in fact it doesn’t work well. McCain is uniquely qualified to justify his opposition to torture and thus should probably disqualify himself from this discussion just as the mother of a criminal wouldn’t be placed on the jury. Perhaps the only people legitimately able to decide this question would be those who were in the WTC on that fateful morning or anyone whose life was saved in a foild terrorist plot.


It’s long past time for John McCain to retire into the sunset in Arizona.



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