11 May 2014

Bulldogs vs. Black Bear

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These New Hampshire bulldogs actually broke through the porch railings to go after the bear robbing the family bird feeder.

One Feedback on "Bulldogs vs. Black Bear"

Bob Durtschi

Dogs do that.
My dog of several years ago tackled a bear in Yellowstone park that was trying to steal her bones from supper. Chased it down the road. It would turn every once in a while and try to take a swipe at her. She would just dance out of the way then continue to nip at its heels.
Her name was “Trixie” and she weighed maybe 15 pounds. She was a Dachshund/Smooth Haired Terrier and Chihuahua mix. I believe that pound-for-pound Chihuahua’s are fiercest breed around.
Bob Durtschi


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