19 May 2014

Serrated, Cobra-Headed Khanda Sword

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A very rare Khanda hilted sword with serrated edge and of Cobra form

This formidable example is 98cms [38.6″] long from end to end.
The blade is 82cms [32.2″] long, 4cms [1.6″] wide with a weighted tip 9cms [3.5″] wide.
The large Khanda hilt has a pierced knuckle bow and langet ends and a curved pommel spike. The grip is bound with layers of coated twine.
The serpentine blade is a very unusual form that resembles a hooded cobra and would have taken some time and expertise to complete.
the edges are serrated and a medial ridge runs from the base through to the tip with the exception of the wide hooded area that has been hollow forged.
In profile and in hand the sword has the overall forward curve and weight of a large Souson Pata or Kirach and is surprisingly well balanced.

A very rare type of Indian sword, likely from the late 18th century in good as found uncleaned condition.

From Swords and Antique Weapons via Sword-Site posted by Ratak Monodosico.

One Feedback on "Serrated, Cobra-Headed Khanda Sword"


I have trouble imagining this as “well-balanced”. I also would dread the serrations getting caught in a cut. OTOH, it’s way cool. Some very neat stuff comes out of India- I have a 577 Martini rifle that was released in a housecleaning of the royal Nepalese armory and a pair of flintlocks from Afghanistan. Those have actions made in Sheffield in the early 19th century but the rest is handmade. Wall-hangers all, but as I said, way cool.


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