07 Sep 2014

Amish Raise Barn in Ohio

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Elizabeth Warren: They didn’t build that.

bob sykes

A number of years ago, the Columbus Dispatch did an article on the economics of Amish farms. It turns out that although the crop yields on Amish farms were substantially less than those of conventional farms, the Amish farms were more profitable.

The mains causes were: (1) no debt, all transactions in cash; (2) no spending on fertilizer, pesticides, machinery or fuel; (3) large extended families and labor sharing, including child labor. They also don’t waste time on college.

The Amish are also very big in small manufacturing (no electric tools), especially furniture and wood products and hire themselves out as skilled laborers in carpentry and masonry.

The Amish population is growing rapidly, and Amish families are spreading throughout the Midwest, with colonies extending from Pennsylvania to Iowa, wherever the farmland is rich.

They pity us. Amish women especially pity “English” women precisely because of their emancipation.

In Darwinian terms, they are succeeding and we are failing, because their reproduction rate is well above replacement, and ours is well below replacement. Someday, every white person in the Midwest will speak German.


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