16 Sep 2014

Bring Back the Grizzlies

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Mission Hipster Chick by Wendy MacNaughton

I recently linked a hilarious account of how exactly she was once moved to purchase a $4000 jacket while out of work by Mary H.K. Choi.

That story was so good that I immediately purchased her “How-I-Came-to-My-Senses-and-Got-the-Hell-Out-of-NYC” memoir (published as a quite inexpensive eBook).

It’s only 45 pages, and I got around to reading it last night. I particularly liked her take on San Francisco.

I loathe San Francisco. Sure, it looks like Jurassic Park in places, and the fog layer is enchanting with its plumes and trellises interweaving with the leaves and lichen on the redwoods. But everything else is like if New York’s Gramercy neighborhood got a whole town. On any given night there are way too many ‘going-out shirts’ and the women dress like there was a fire sale at some emporium that only sells clam-diggers and kicky little jackets with ornamental zippers. I have never so frequently witnessed pinstripe and patchwork meeting in the middle as I have on the tragic A-line skirts of Valencia Street. Every man who isn’t contemptibly rich enough to be famous for it reminds me of Matthew Lillard’s pigtail-braided Rollerblader in Hackers. I have never tallied so many ‘Pick-Up Artist’ hats or labret piercings outside of 1996. Fashion is no more than an indication of larger trends. Certain parts of San Francisco are what happens when white people have no natural predators. [emphasis added]

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Now that I’ve reached an age where one can say whatever they like I would like to comment on the hipster thing. First of all they’re not alone in their douchebaggary there’s an entire generation of these narcissistic boobs. They are the progeny of the hopelessly deluded pony tailed peace, love, dope progressive boobs. More products of pop culture than an actual education, education as opposed to the slumgullion offered by US intitutions. Small wonder that they suffer chronic social retardation. This manifests itself in their inability to understand etiquette and their lack of empathy and common courtesy. They endeavor to be distinctive individuals yet they are just a blurred mass of tattooed, pierced, dyed mutilated flesh, not to mention electronically enslaved and tragically fashion impaired. They vote for whoever the media tells them to vote for and especially if the candidate is popular among their fellow douchebags. They actually do have a natural predator the same one we all fear, the government although the douchebags somehow feel that they are immune (useful idiots) from our collective fate should Obowelmovement & Co succeed in their Marxist agenda. San Fran has no exclusive franchise on this phenomena it’s a national embarrassment. Fortunately they represent a minority and will be marginalized appropriately when America grows up.


“Certain parts of San Francisco are what happens when white people have no natural predators.”

Until they accidentally wander into Oakland, but acknowledging that is such a heinous social crime…worse than drinking bottled water, even.


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