06 Oct 2014

Ebola Killing Democrats’ 2014 Election Prospects?

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Karin McQuillan, at American Thinker, thinks Ebola can be lethal politically as well as epidemiologically.

The Democrat/Progressive Party may be signing their own death certificate in the 2014 elections with their mishandling of Ebola. One and half million people are quarantined in Sierra Leone. The first case has hit America. And all Obama has done is make a speech saying everything is fine here, but he’s sending American troops into harm’s way there. A ghastly virus that kills 50-100% of its victims and has no known treatment is something people notice. It is something women notice. Ebola is creating an epidemic of fear, for good reason. The Democrat ruling elite’s complacency, incompetence and leftist pieties are losing them the public trust.

Have you seen the photos from the TV Dallas/Fort Worth chopper of workers cleaning the Ebola victim’s vomit from the sidewalk in front of his apartment building? The CDC has it under control — they ordered the vomit to be power washed. The area is not cordoned off, the workers have no protective clothing, and passers-by are tracking through the water in sandals. The blogger who posted them comments: “from the casualness of the guys doing the power-washing, it is unlikely that (1) they put any disinfectants in the power-washer or (2) they were even told what they were cleaning.”

The decontamination of the sick man’s apartment, including dirty sheets and towels, has not begun, even though his girlfriend, her son and two grown nephews are confined there. This is a nightmare for them. The CDC only learned from a CNN report that the sick man’s sweat-soaked sheets were still on the bed. They had done nothing to help the quarantined people.

Trust the government to keep us safe? Tell that to Duncan’s neighbors, the EMT workers now in quarantine, and the five men from the Sheriff’s department, all allowed to enter the apartment without protective garb. They went there to serve the official quarantine papers – also done a day late.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "Ebola Killing Democrats’ 2014 Election Prospects?"


I am a critic of bureaucracies and big government in general. But I have to admit I am stunned by the incompetence and error after error in the way this was handled. Our airport security will strip search grandmothers and toddlers in wheelchairs but plague carrying non-citizens from Liberia swiftly pass through the system. The hospital, the local health care workers, the CDC, all of them have put Americans at great risk and the best they can do when they get the chance to speak to us on TV is accuse us of being racist to even suggest stopping flights or a quarantine. If we are lucky and this all ends with no additional cases of ebola and no deaths then the story wil go away I’m sure. But then what about those 5 children that have died from diseases resulting from Obama’s border fiasco and putting illegal immigrants in a 100 different cities around the U.S.? Those five children are dead! Doesn’t get more real then that. dead because of incompetence and wilfull disregard for our laws by our own government. It is way past time for impeachment.


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