19 Dec 2014

Let’s Go For the Silver Lining


Sell them all to the Yanquis!

OK, the leftist in the White House is disgracing the United States by relaxing the embargo on trade and talking about restoring diplomatic relations with the communist despotism in Cuba.

If the libs get to vacation in the Workers’ Paradise sipping Mojitos, we Republicans ought to get our share of the deal by new trade policies permitting American importers to bring in Russian and Czech guns from Cuba. More Mosin Nagants and SKS-s, along with Czech Mausers and VZ52-s.

Some discussion at Gunboards.

2 Feedbacks on "Let’s Go For the Silver Lining"


In 40 years of doing business deals, I’ve never had the good fortune to sit opposite someone like Obama, who thinks that in a negotiation, the party with the strongest position should not demand any concessions from the party in the weakest position.


But listen, THERE IS a silver lining: does anyone really think that a Cuban, or a North-Korean (or, for that matters – and here we have History to prove it – a Russian) that gets in touch with the evils of Capitalism will ever choose the heaven of Socialism?


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